Sudden Attack

Sudden Attack

Shoot 'em up in this free-to-play desktop game


  • Free-to-play game
  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Lots of different game modes


  • Occasional lag time in multiplayer

Very good

Sudden Attack is a free-to-play first person shooter (FPS) game for desktop PCs.

Similar to one of Nexon's other FPS offerings Combat Arms, Sudden Attack is fast-paced and intense. It's also a great game for players who are new to first person shooters, as it comes with a helpful tutorial to get you started. To learn the different controls within Sudden Attack, there's a Boot Camp, which serves as training as well.

In Sudden Attack, the goal is to complete daily missions where you can earn experience points. Via the game's achievement system, you can earn different titles and perks for completing specific tasks within the game. There's also a demolition mode called Prison where the goal is to either plant a bomb or defend a target area where a bomb is waiting to be set off. Additional weaponry can be purchased in-app as well.

Up to 16 players can get in on the action with one another over the span of 38 maps. There might be some lag time while in multiplayer mode due to the server connection, but it was minimal. There are six game modes in Sudden Attack, which offer decent variety.

Sudden Attack's graphics are of good quality but a bit blocky, and the setting is gritty. The sound effects stand up to other games in its class as well.

With lots of weapons and a good variety of game modes, Sudden attack is a FPS that will appeal to a wide audience.

Sudden Attack


Sudden Attack

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